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Fundraising WebSite Development Tips

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Your fundraising website should be an important part of your online strategy to raise money for an important cause, project or event? It has to be effective and leave a lasting impression on the visitor or potential donor to take action.
Fundraising WebSite Development Tips

Fundraising WebSite Development Tips

If you have a current website this information will also come in handy on changes you can make that may be very beneficial to the organization.  

  • Spread the Word - There's no way people are going to donate to your fundraising project if they don't know it's happening. With that said Social Media Marketing will be a huge part of spreading the word.
  • Centralized Page Of Information - If you can create a page that details the project, event or cause you can send everyone that's interested to one place.  For instance, if you Tweet about your fundraising effort, it would be great to have a page to consistently link to the details of the project, event or cause. This would be best practice for any social media outlet you use.
  • Provide Easy Ways to Support - You can include specific information about how to get involved if someone is interested, donate or volunteer.  You should provide all relevant links to places someone can donate as well as the best phone number to call.  You can also send people that have more questions to your contact form or a specific discussion on your Blog page.  Make it easy for someone that wants to help to do so.

If your in need of a fundraising website or want more helpful tips on what you can do to improve your existing website then contact me today at 813-441-9815.

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