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Marketing Tips
Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online whereby you as the publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site. There are a different forms of affiliate marketing. In most cases each one involves you as the publisher earning a commission when someone follows a link on your blog or website to another site and then in turn they buy something or take some other course of action.
Stacey K • General
I have never been a big fan of open source platforms to support my clients on. However, when you talk with an open source fan chances are they will tell you that software developed using the open source model is the best way to go. I often wonder if this fan is an actual software developer recommending that, because if they are not the person using this type of platform for their website may be in for a huge surprise.
Marketing Tips
If you build an online business they will come, maybe in a perfect world. With so much competition there is alot to do before the website development even begins.

Start first by going on a fact finding mission. Who are your target consumers? What do they need? How do you appeal to them? Are you missing out on a potential audience interested in your merchandise or service?
Mr. Jose Gomez • Website Design Tips
Three steps for growing your website, upcoming calendar and event registration upgrade, and a reminder about some special services available to our clients. read more
Website Tips
Your fundraising website should be an important part of your online strategy to raise money for an important cause, project or event? It has to be effective and leave a lasting impression on the visitor or potential donor to take action.
The Search Engines are not stupid. Irrelevant keywords are not going to help your search engine rankings. Nor is the practice of showing one page view to website visitors and another to the search engines going to help you. In fact you may find yourself banned.
Calling all those in the entertainment world, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Models etc. who have yet to have a website or at least one that promotes the right image, ARE YOU BEING OVERLOOKED?
The other day, a prospect calls me, frustrated with his current website design company. He explained he has been with them for a long time and has yet to really receive any business. I asked him if he has an online store for his products? He said he did. I asked if the store is functioning? He said it is. I took a moment to look at his website. The design wasn't to bad, could use some minor updates but thats all. My next question was what are you doing to market your on-line business? His response, NOTHING.
Website vendors see the same thing over and over again. One of the recurring themes we experience is projects where the wrong person is assigned the task of building the website or, in worse cases, put over the entire internet initiative. The individual has usually demonstrated some capability or knowledge of technical or artistic things that the leadership interprets as qualifications for managing the web side of things for the business. But, in most cases, that individual lacks even the basics of running a website and comes armed with a host of misunderstandings. Sometimes, the individual has done a great job at explaining that they are not technologically savvy, but they have been given the website as an "administrative" task. Either way, the business has set itself up for failure forcing the vendor they have chosen to spend time and budget dealing with the dynamics of such a mistake.
Blogs and websites work in very different ways, serve very different purposes and produce different short-term results. However, they are both necessary to increase your online exposure and to strengthen your online organization reputation.
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